The Emotional Power Pack

Safety, Love and Confidence.  Whenever you need.

Enjoy positive feelings NOW

Three hypnotherapy processes to create the feelings you need to heal emotional pain.

$197 $97

What would it mean to you to be able to access good feelings whenever you need?

The emotional power pack gives you the foundation to be able to look at any issue in your life.


Safety. Love. Confidence. Whenever you need.



A hypnotherapy journey to create feelings of safety.

  • If you do not feel safe then your body will communicate through anxiety.

  • When you feel safe, everything else in your life will seem easier because your mind will be clearer.

  • This process gives you the power to create safety whenever you choose.



A hypnotherapy process to deepen self love.

  • All love begins with self love.

  • As you learn how to love yourself, you will enjoy more love for and more love from the world.

  • This process teaches you how how to give yourself all the love you need.



A hypnotherapy process to build confidence and self esteem.

  • Build your confidence from the inside out. Know you can handle any challenge.

  • Think in new ways, speak positively to yourself and give yourself the confidence you need.

  • When you thoughts change, your feelings will change as well. Master your reality.



Create positive feelings whenever you need.

The world is a reflection of your emotion. When you emotion changes, the world outside you will change.  


    Listen from your own home.  Create positive feelings whenever you need.


    Affordable therapy.  There is nothing more important than how you feel.


    You can wake yourself up at any time.  You are always in complete control.


    Experience the power of your mind.  You are the creator of your reality.

The Emotional Power Pack

Positive feelings when you choose

$197 $97



About Nicholas Harris

Nicholas Harris holds an Honours Degree in Artificial Intelligence, is a Master Level member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and a Tibetan Buddhist.  His work integrates these fields into a unique form of therapy that teaches a natural way to heal emotional pain. 


Over the last twenty years in full-time therapy practice, Nick has worked with international sports stars, business leaders and thousands of people just like you.

  • There is a reason for every feeling that you feel.

    Your emotions are signals that communicate needs.  As you learn to understand your feelings, you will enjoy increased self-confidence and peace of mind.

  • Every emotion is created in the mind and can be healed with love.

    Learn about the relationship between the mind and the heart.  Discover practical ways to release painful feelings and enjoy the happiness that we all deserve.

  • Enjoy healthy and fulfilling relationships.

    Discover a new way to understand your entire emotional life.  As you deepen in your relationship with yourself, you will naturally enjoy better relationships with the people that you love.  

Nick is a gifted healer and teacher, and such a beautiful soul filled with presence and peace.  He helped me release some deep seated patterns and beliefs that have since given me freedom I haven't felt in years.

Kristen Yates

I experienced profound healing and releasing of past events that were stored in my unconscious. I remember leaving his office the first time feeling like an entirely new person. The session made a profound impact on my life and has lasted since.

Colin Pomeroy

Nicholas has extensive knowledge of how human psyche, conscious and subconscious minds work.  Whatever your struggle, he will definitely be able to facilitate healing.

Lanna Lake



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Nicholas Harris

Hypnotherapist, Practical Healing