Hosted by Nicholas Harris

Saturday 13th June, 11AM London / 5 PM Bangkok

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Here is What You'll Learn

  • What is trauma?

    Learn what trauma is and how unresolved trauma from the past is responsible for a great deal of what you feel today.

  • The three essential stages to healing trauma.

    I will share the proven path to heal trauma, outlining the steps to take and the resources to practice.

  • Discover that your emotions are a map.

    Learn how to read your feelings to see exactly what trauma has not been healed from the past.

  • Learn how trauma effects relationships.

    Understand how trauma arises in our relationships, how to recognise trauma and to work through it - together.

  • Explore how to heal emotional pain.

    Every emotion is created in the mind and can be healed in the mind, when you know how.

  • Realise that your emotions are not a sickness.

    You emotions are not a sickness.  Your feelings communicate your needs.  Every emotion be healed in the mind.

About Nicholas Harris

Nicholas Harris holds an Honours Degree in Artificial Intelligence, is a Master Level member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and a Tibetan Buddhist.  Nick integrates this knowledge into a unique therapy system that teaches a natural way to heal emotional pain. 


With 20 years of clinical experience, Nick runs a therapy clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand. consults at Chiva Som, a World Class Health Resort and offers online events and classes in which he teaches "The Art of Inner Relationship". 


Nick has worked with international sports stars, business leaders and thousands of people just like you.

  • Clinical hypnotherapy.

    Hypnosis is a natural deeply relaxed state of mind in which the client is always in complete control.  Hypnosis is a safe way to heal emotional pain, resolve trauma, increase self confidence, achieve goals and so much more.

  • Healing emotional pain.

    Happiness is a state of feeling that can be defined as the absence of emotional pain.  To heal emotional pain naturally, we need to understand our feelings and the relationship between the mind and the heart.

  • Enhance your relationships.

    As you deepen your relationship with yourself, you will naturally better relationships with other people as well.  The Art of Inner Relationship is a new way to understand your entire emotional life. 




June 13th

11:00 (GMT)

Nick is a gifted healer and teacher, and such a beautiful soul filled with presence and peace.  He helped me release some deep seated patterns and beliefs that have since given me freedom I haven't felt in years.

Kristen Yates

I experienced profound healing and releasing of past events that were stored in my unconscious. I remember leaving his office the first time feeling like an entirely new person. The session made a profound impact on my life and has lasted since.

Colin Pomeroy

Nicholas has extensive knowledge of how human psyche, conscious and subconscious minds work.  Whatever your struggle, he will definitely be able to facilitate healing.

Lanna Lake